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12 Jan

Rhonda and I have been involved first-hand in hands-on organized ministry work for the better part of over 40 years, with over 15 years of that committed to teaching, discipling and mentoring concerning the Hebraic/Biblical roots of ‘The Faith once for all delivered to the set-part people of God’. In the year 2000, God began to wean us away from our denominational setting, taking us to a place in our lives so as to have our undivided attention. As He more securely grounded us in His Scripture,  He spoke to us a very simple mandate – ‘disciple those I send in the Truth of My Word’. This was around the time all the computers were to ‘run amuck’, and although Y2K was a wake-up call rather than ‘the end’, it prompted us to consider more seriously  the concept of, not only spiritual preparation, but physical, practical preparation under God’s leadership.

Seven years ago, Rhonda began to ask the question of our Father, ‘What do we do and where do we go in light of what is coming on the earth?’ One year later Abba lead us to a 32 acre tract of land off the beaten path, that we eventually purchased with our retirement money, making the piece of land debt-free. After the purchase, some close friends brought a couple interesting facts to our attention that had evaded us during the purchase process, a process much to lengthy to detail here, but a process in which we saw Abba’s Hand time and time again.

Now there was a supposed boundary dispute on this property, and although we were aware of the dispute, there was something about it we had not seen. It was pointed out to us that, when the survey plat was properly oriented North and South, the disputed boundary (a dispute which has since be resolved) was on what would be the northwest side of the eastern boundary, or, ‘the west bank’ of the property, if you will. There was another ‘coincidence’ that we had not noticed up to this point.  When our friends properly oriented the survey plat, we immediately noticed a recognizable shape – a striking and uncanny similarity to the current day map of the Land of Israel. ‘The plat looks like Israel’, people exclaimed. There are many more confirmations we could relate if time allowed . . . angelic manifestations, words of knowledge and words of wisdom spoken over and about this parcel, a parcel that has come to be known ‘Goshen’.

And then again, our Father breathed a very simple statement into us- ‘Prepare a place for the time when a people will need a place’. So, for the past six years, Rhonda and I and a handful of others have been slowly chipping away at this rugged, undeveloped piece of land that was barely navigable on foot back then. And although many (not all) of that ‘handful’ or no longer with us for differing reasons, for Rhonda and I and the few that remain, the vision is still clear and the work goes on, slowly but surely , emphasis on the ‘slowly’(and the ‘surely’ part does wane from time to time, for the spirit is willing but, at times, the flesh is weak).  Financial support has diminished severly in the past year, although we are EXTREMELY thankful to our Father for the small handful of ‘Faithful’ that support us when they can. But the laborers are few, and although the fields are white, the skies are darkening beyond the horizon and the work must be done while there is still time to work. For the past 4 years, (and beginning our 5th winter here) Rhonda and I have been living on site in a 34 ft camper, continuing the work and keeping the Land debt free.  And just for the record, we are both in our middle 60’s, attempting to live off our social security income and putting everything we are and have into the work here. And God gets ALL the credit and the glory. In all this, there is one thing we have come to understand. It is ironic how the seeming delay of disaster can usher in, at times, the manifestation of complacency. But God is not slack concerning what He has said He will do and what will come.

Up to this point, we have shared the work here merely by word of mouth, through and by those we felt led in which to confide. Now, here in our little valley, we find ourselves in a point of decision. And we have decided the time has come, if you will, to fish or cut bait and to proclaim a ‘whosoever will’. This past election presented a momentary window of reprieve and opportunity for the Body of Messiah, in this nation at least, in these last days. But that window will not stay open for long. The time has come to pick up the pace, to get work completed and projects finished, under the leadership of our Father, His Spirit and His Right Hand. It is time to learn, understand and manifest the concept of community . . . like-minded individuals and families that have the vision to prepare, not just for themselves, but for others, others that will need a place of safety and security in a season of insecurity and uncertainty . . . like-minded people that understand the reality of those things coming on this nation and this globe, that understand the time and season we are in and are willing to put their/our treasure where the heart and vision are. Laborers are needed, finances are needed, resources and materials are needed, intercessors are needed, and commitment is needed. Commitment . . . now there’s word that gets thrown around quite a bit. Commitment is a difficult concept to understand and explain at times. We once heard it stated this way – “If you want to understand the difference between involvement and commitment, just take a look at a plate of steak and eggs. The chicken was ‘involved’, but the steer was committed.” Did you catch the difference?

When the time comes, (and it will come) obviously not all will come here for their ‘safe place’. But for those that ARE to come here, it must be ready. This specific work here is not for everyone, but there are those that ARE to be part of this work here.  So, If the Lord would have you be a part of this work, to support it financially, sacrificially and physically, to intercede, to pray and to labor with us in this work, then we want you, your place is here and the time is NOW . . . We must all work the work He has called us to while there is day, for the night comes when no man can work. If God has called you to be a part of this work, it is time to put your hand to the plow and not look back, but rather, look up, for our redemption draweth nigh. And until then, however long that is and whatever must be endured, the time to pray and give and labor and prepare, is NOW.   May our Father bless you and yours in the days to come. Shared from our hearts to yours in Yeshua’s Name – Jerry & Rhondacamp-of-israel-image

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