Ingredient List ??

02 Sep

Once again, I am truly amazed at the knowledge and wisdom that can be garnered from within the walls of your local Wally World . . .

It’s sunday afternoon and I am in our local ‘low price’ emporium. I have to confess my hypocrisy here. Every time I visit there I vow that I will never return, only to return, repenting for not keeping my vow, and then vowing again. It is a vicious cycle . . . perhaps I need intervention . . . but let’s get back on track.

I am at ‘ The Store’ picking up some items for a little family get-together and had gathered all the items but one . . . the ground beef ‘hamburger’ meat. I normally DON”T buy meat at this establishment, but, hey it’s only ground beef and I got everything else and I’m in kind of a hurry and why not ?

So I quickly proceed to the meat department and pick up a package of ground beef . . . I stand there for a moment gazing at the package and something tells me to look at the back of the pack. Sooo . . . I flip the package over and ‘lo and behold’ there, on the back of the package is the ‘INGREDIENT LIST’ . . . WHAT  ? An ‘ingredient list’ for ground beef ? I thought ‘ground beef’ WAS the ingredient.  The list states ‘ground beef and other natural flavorings’ . . . What’s that ?  jus’ thought you might wanna know . . . Blessings –

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