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16 Nov

Rhonda and I arrived home late yesterday evening after a weekend of teaching and fellowship in upstate Ohio. These events are always tiring and yet so very encouraging and fulfilling. Our thanks to our dear friends Tony & Melody Robbins and family for arranging and hosting and ‘Thank You’ to Pastor Everett Whiteside and the congregation of Higher Praise Covenant Church for the use of their gorgeous facility.

It was a small group meeting, and we had the opportunity to meet like-minded brothers and sisters from Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania, brothers and sisters any of which were more than capable and equipped to teach and minister; an example of God raising up shepherds and workers all across this nation and beyond to prepare and equip His people in ‘The Faith’ (thanks Tim) and for those things coming upon the earth . . .

It is always amazing to watch our Father as He knits us together in the fabric of His Kingdom work, bringing us across one another’s path in the ultimate network.

Blessings to you and yours as we ‘contend earnestly for The Faith once for all delivered to the saints of God’ . . . Shalom

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