Head Coverings . . . hang on ’cause here we go . . .

14 Sep

The link below is a youtube video by Paul Nison concerning headcoverings that was posted on our FaceBook page. Below the link are our individual comments concerning this ‘teaching’.  Please listen to the video first or the comments obviously won’t make sense. There are other comments on our page concerning this video that we did not post here. We look forward to your comments as well. Shalom

“( ok this Rhonda ). What????!!!!! A man thinks the sexiest part of a woman is her hair? You got to be kidding me!!! If you don’t have the face or the body ( being blunt here) to go along with it a man will not care what your hair looks like!!!! These are purely in the flesh reasons to do something and make it look spiritual! Where is the command in Torah that says….”a woman shall cover her head”…? It is not in there!! The Father is VERY plain and to the point and doesn’t leave us guessing on His commands and what He expects of His children. The problem is what He says is never what we want to do! We either want to add to or take away!! And because of that we start coming up with our own set of rules and then try to convince others that this is right and proper. I see this happening in Christianity and the Hebrew Roots movement. Is what the Father gave us, His commandments, not enough? It surely keeps me busy trying to observe what He said without adding a bunch of my own! I trust Him that He has given me all I need to walk before Him and be pleasing according to all His instructions ( not my own spin on things). This post is from a 63 year old woman that has been on both sides of the fence, that is Christianity and Hebrew Roots and in my younger days ( not proud of it) have been around the block or two. Some of the lame excuses being espoused to put women under bondage to man ( because this IS NOT a Torah principle) is sad and quite dismaying I must say. If this lady or anyone else feels they want to wear a headcovering then that is what THEY need to do. Please don’t be espousing that those that don’t wear one aren’t modest! That is causing and putting condemnation on women for the sake of pleasing man…..IMHO”

“Jerry here . . . well, here’s my 2-cents worth. This infuriates me. If a woman feels a personal conviction to wear head coverings, or long-sleeved shirts or no nail polish or whatever, then that woman should follow that personal conviction and we will defend that person’s right to do so. But to use and manipulate this young woman to promote a self-righteous dogma that is NOT biblical doctrine is inexcusable. IF the hair on my wife’s head being exposed causes you to lust, then pardner you’ve got issues and you probably need to sit through a deliverance session or two. This is the biggest bunch of religious drivel I’ve heard in a long time. To question the ‘modesty’ of a woman by whether or not she wears head coverings (or at least puts her hair up) elevates being asinine, insulting and ‘Pharisaic’ to new heights. It propagates condemnation, promotes another form of bondage on women and reveals the fact that ‘religious spirits’ are alive and well in the HR / Messianic camp. “Gee, I thought since we had learned a few hebrew words we were above all that . . .” well I guess we need to think again . . . I challenge anyone to show me one, just one direct command in Torah for a woman to cover her hair. And don’t give me that ‘implied command’ nonsense. We had that in the church about sunday and easter and christmas and it don’t work. I can ‘imply’ anything.”

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  1. Melody

    September 15, 2014 at 12:04 am

    I couldn’t have said it better than the both of you! I have never read in Scripture any command from YHWH telling a woman to cover her hair or head (in the case she doesn’t have any). I do not complain about or think ill of any woman who chooses to wear a “head covering” for any reason and I would hope to not get complaints or ill feelings toward me because I do not choose to. What is the problem? Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbor? That IS a command. Making up a command and” implying” that YHWH is the giver of that command is repulsive. Man’s dogma is what most of us left behind, to follow our Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As Yeshua walked, we are to walk. His yoke is light, it is not burdensome. Man’s yoke is heavy and a BURDEN. If we want to please Him, let’s get excellent at doing what He HAS said. Let’s not promote more dogma, we’ve had enough of that and Messiah, the Bridegroom is coming soon, we have Bridal preparations, remember?!


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