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05 Sep

So, they were for it before they were against it before they were for it ?  Huh ? It seems that the wind changes quickly when politics are involved. Earlier in the day on Wed the Democratic delegates voted to remove the word GOD from all aspects of the national party platform and the plank that stood for Jerusalem as the undisputed capital of Israel two long standing planks of the party platform.  Then about 2:15 or so PST a AP story came out that all that had changed and GOD was back in and Jerusalem is once again the capital of Israel. Then around 3:30 or so PST the story broke that the restoral of GOD and Jerusalem was due to direct intervention from Barak Obama.

So let me get this straight, the president of the US and the head of the Democratic Party was not aware that deletions of these two fundamental aspects of the party platform were pending and in the wings and only after ‘IT’ happened was he made aware and then HE was able to intervene and contravene a vote by the convention delegates ?  I do NOT see conspiracies everywhere I look, but this ‘fish tale’ smells like a ‘badly baited hook’ . . . He swings in and saves the day and restores GOD and Israel . . . And by the way Jessie Jackson, according to the Bible, it DOES matter what Name we use for GOD and allah ain’t one of the acceptable options . . .

Say goodnight gracie . . . Lila Tov –

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