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16 Nov

FOR THE RECORD – For the man Shem, the son of Noah, to be accepted as Melchizedek, Ruler of Peace and King of Righteousness, one must dismiss an entire passage of Scripture ( ‘without Mother, without Father, without descent, having neither beginning of days or end of life’ ) and explain it away as a ‘hebrew idiom’, a cultural figure of speech from the vernacular of that day . . . The following phrase does not apply to a mortal man, but rather, to The One that came as a son of man, Yeshua of Nazareth that came in the flesh as the Promised Messiah of Israel . . . “Prince of Peace and King of Righteousness” . . . Yeshua did NOT come to walk after the pattern of a mortal man, but rather mortal man is to walk after the pattern and example of The One that came in the flesh to deliver mortal man from the curse of sin.

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