23 Apr

We find the ‘foot-washing’ very intriguing. Genesis 18 tells us of Abraham providing ‘foot-washing’ for the 3 Visitors. Lot offers ‘foot-washing’ to the ‘two men’ in Genesis 19. Aaron and his sons were to wash their hands and feet lest they die. Yeshua washes the feet of His disciples as an example. Mary washes Yeshua’s feet with oil, her tears, and dries them with her hair, symbolically preparing His body for burial. But when Yeshua washes the disciples’ feet, He, among other things, is setting them apart. Scripture says ‘and I will make you a nation of priests’ but that does not mean they – we – would all be levites, but rather, priests after the order of Melchizedek, who IS Yeshua. So, as the Aaronic priesthood passed down the washing of hands and feet, we are to follow the example of Messiah Yeshua. As we wash one another’s feet, we propagate and expand the order of Melchizedek, of which we are a part. As we submit to our High Priest, He will ‘give us clean hands and pure heart’, that we might ascend the mountain of YHWH (and not die) and serve Him as priests after the order of Yeshua. Also, take note of what Melchizedek served Abraham . . . (Genesis 14:18)Washing feet 1

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