‘Do what’ ?

06 Apr

There was an intriguing story recounted to us by a good friend and former head of an international mission outreach organization. He recalled how missionaries had gone into China in years past and worked and sowed ‘seed’ and then were thrown out of the country. Decades later, when outreach workers were allowed back in country by the government, the workers were amazed and what they found. In the ‘underground church’, The Word was being preached with power, healings, deliverance, sight restored to the blind and raising of the dead. When the people were asked how they knew to do these things, their response was simple, yet profound . . .” we just read This Book you left behind and did what It said . . .”

At this time of year, there is always much discussion and conversation concerning Passover observances and practices. What ‘IF’ . . . What If we had no knowledge of ‘passover seder’ customs and practices; what if you had never attended a ‘traditional service’ or read a hagaddah; what if I desired to observe this mandate called ‘Passover’ ? How would I go about that observance? Perhaps our answer should be as the Chinese believers – “ . . .just read The (whole) Book and do what it says . . .”

First, let us bring to mind these three events – the First Passover (Exo 12:1-28), the memorial pattern given by Abba (Exo 12:43-51, Lev 23), and the mandate given by Messiah Yeshua to ‘do this in remembrance of Me’ (Luke 22:19-20, 1 Cor. 11:24-25), along with Scriptural guidelines concerning the observance. So now, with these three events in one hand, and Scriptural guidelines in the other hand (such as no leaven with the blood, or slaughtering the lamb in only the place where God put His Name, etc) what three elements are consistent within all three of these events? Based purely on a reading of The Word, what are we to do ‘in remembrance of Him’? . . .just something to ponder . . . Shalom – J&R


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