Deliverance in the midst of trouble . . .

04 Apr

This was posted on Larry’ Taylor’s Blog and we felt it not only timely but also, in the midst of the warning, it shows that silver thread of encouragement that lines up with what Yeshua says John 16:33 – ” . . . you will have tribulation . . . but rejoice, for I have overcome the world . . .” 

JACOB’S TROUBLES LION OF ZION V MARCH 13, 2004 I saw a stained, weathered looking gate. My first thought was that it could be either a door to a barn or outside building, or a gate to a garden. Soon a stone wall appeared on either side of the door. It reminded me of what a gate to THE SECRET GARDEN may have looked like. The gate was solid and strong, and unless opened, I knew I would not be able to proceed through it. As I thought about it’s strength, and wondered at it, the gate began to swing open. I heard a voice, “WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME IN?” I entered a walled garden and found myself following a curved path of round concrete stepping stones surrounded by fragrant tyme. I was unable to tell what kinds of vegetation were in the garden, as it seemed to be shrouded in a mist. The path was visible, so I curiously followed it. The path halted at a large, round, deep blue pool. The water was inviting and steps led into it. I was reminded of Jewish mikva pools, and longed to enter it and bathe and consecrate myself once again to my Savior. I walked down the steps and began swimming in the deep pool. I found myself swimming like a dolphin. I would swirl and dive, then come up for air. The water was cool and wonderfully inviting. I swam and swam with total abandon and joy. I did not get tired. Soon there was a movement in the center of the pool and a fountain began to rise. It vaguely resembled a Fluor de lea, but soon changed into a cross. The cross rotated clockwise. Water was coming out of the top, sides and most of the water was spraying out of the center. I heard the words: “ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT MY CROSS IS A FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER FOR THOSE WHO WOULD COME TO IT?” Soon I felt called to climb up on the pedestal of the cross/ fountain. Then I was nudged to come up higher. I looked about and couldn’t see how to do that. Then my favorite LION was beside me and urged me to climb onto His back. I didn’t want to, as I felt it was dishonorable and disrespectful to climb on to the back of THE LION OF ZION. He urged me, and I refused and struggled. HE let out a sigh, and asked if I would be willing to fly on the wings of an Eagle? I replied to the affirmative, and a huge Eagle came and swooped me up. Soon I was ridding on His back, hugging His head with both arms. I looked down and saw the charred remains of a large city. It was a blackened and smoldering ruin. I knew it was one of our cities here in the US. I felt sick inside. The Eagle asked me: “DO YOU THINK YOU CAN WAGE WAR ON OTHERS WITH IMPUNITY?” * As the Eagle flew me over the land I saw chaos and images of war everywhere. Our beautiful nation was on fire! The National Forests were on fire! The National Parks were on fire! Everywhere I looked our nation was black and burning. Soon the Eagle swooped down into a deep, mountain valley where the trees were green, and signs of war were not evident. It looked like a valley in the Cascade, Sierra, or Rocky Mountains. The mountains surrounding this small valley were tall, jagged and snow capped. I asked, “What is this place? Why has the war not touched it here?” HE replied: “THESE ARE PLACES OF REFUGE WHERE MY HUMBLE ONE’S DWELL. THE ONES WHO DWELL IN MY REFUGES ARE THE ONES WHO HEARD MY VOICE AND HEEDED MY CALL. THEY DID NOT FIGHT WITH ME WHEN THEY HEARD THE SOUND OF THE SHOFAR. I WILL HAVE A REMNANT TO GREET ME WHEN I RETURN.” HE continued: “LET ME MAKE PLAIN TO YOU WHAT IS TO SUDDENLY COME UPON THE EARTH. JACOB’S TROUBLES ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN.AND WHO DID I TEACH YOU JACOB IS?” “Judah and Ephriam” I replied very soberly. “NOW YOU KNOW.” HE answered me. The Eagle landed and the LION was waiting to greet me. Once again HE urged me to climb onto HIS back. This time I was very grateful to comply. “NOW DO YOU SEE THAT MY FAITHFUL AND HUMBLE ONES WILL NEED TO BE CARRIED IN THE DAYS TO COME?” I had a thousand other questions. What time framework are we talking about? Are we talking days, months, years, centuries????? There was no answer given to my questions, and the vision faded away. ************************************************* * impunity – 1. exemption from punishment or penalty 2. immunity or preservation from incrimination, regret, or the like; escape from what is probable, certain,or just ** Places of Refuge I received the strong impression that the Holy Spirit has been whispering to a number of wealthy Christians to buy land both here and abroad and make it ready for an influx of refugees. I had the sense that some had said, “Yes!” and were secretly going about fulfilling His request. They were stocking the Places with food, water, etc. I also sensed that many had said “No Way!” and those Places were not being prepared as the LORD had requested. These impressions were felt by me during the vision, but not part of the conversation I had with the Eagle.

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