Christmas . . . or Truth . . . in the Crosshairs. The Conclusion

12 Jan

            This will be the third, and as far as we know the final installment in our response to the article ‘Christmas in the Crosshairs’. We want to begin by standing with Nathan and his family as we praise our Lord with them for the good report concerning Nathan’s health.  In Yeshua’s Name – Amen.

        We have come to understand that every born-again, blood-bought believer is a son or daughter of our Father, regardless of what pew, building or denomination in which they sit. We have also come to understand we need to be careful ‘throwing rocks’ at each other since Abba is not always happy about his children throwing rocks at each other. On the other side of the coin, we must balance this against the scriptural mandate to speak the truth to each other because we love one another in the Lord.     Proverbs 27:17   Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.     Ephesians 4:15 “ . . . speaking the Truth, in love, that we may all grow up into Him in all things, Him being Christ the head . . .”

          The following lines are  direct quotes from the original article.

            Loving your neighbor means that you have to love them even if they celebrate Christmas.

Loving your neighbor does not mean that during Christmas time, the stoning should begin!”

We agree completely with these two statements.  We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. But we are not to leave our brother in a place that he should not be. Am I my brother’s keeper ? Most assuredly “YES” .  If  I am to pull my neighbor’s donkey out of hole, should I not be willing to do the same for my neighbor ?  It is not my place to stone my brother, but sometimes what is perceived by one as ‘throwing stones’ is actually ‘speaking the hard truth’ by the perceived ‘rock-thrower’. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder. But sometimes ‘venom’ can be. Jesus was never hateful or vengeful yet both He and John referred to the leadership of their day as vipers and serpents. Were they, Jesus & John, being hateful and ‘throwing stones’ or were they speaking the plain truth to those that needed to hear in the hopes that some might be brought back from the brink of a place they should not be ? You be the judge.

            Another quote from the article.

“My friends, our faith is not determined by the outer garment.”

No, but the ‘outer garment’ is the evidence of the faith professed and the inward ‘circumcision of the heart’.

And finally, this quote from the article.

How about Colossians 3:17?

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” “

With all due respect, this is being taken out of context. This passage must be taken in the context of what is considered proper, acceptable behavior and practice by Father God for His children as outlined in the foundational truth of Torah and the Prophets and reiterated and expounded upon in the Apostolic Writings.  Outside of that context, this passage, taken on it’s own, will do nothing but get us all into trouble. There are things that God and Yeshua do not want us doing, in their Name or anyone else’s.

            The ministry to which we have been called is to teach and speak the Truth of the full counsel of the Word of God, undiluted and unashamed. We are not here to transform a Baptist into a messianic or a Methodist into a ‘hebrew rooter’ ( ? ) or transform anyone into anything for that matter. Transformation is not our job, it is His.  The only axe we have to grind is the Word of the Living God in these last days . . . to teach His people the difference between the Holy and profane, the Clean and the unclean.  ( Ezekiel 22:26, 44:23 )

Blessings to you and yours  in Yeshua’s Name – J & R





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