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03 Jan

We are currently examining an article that deals with ‘truth in the crosshairs in these days for the believer’. This we received needs to be shared and is a timely interruption in our current discussion. Below is an article recently written by Avi Ben Mordechai. Whether you know him or not is inconsequential. The truth he shares in this writing is to be pondered. We have addressed the ‘tetrads’ – the two upcoming series of ‘blood moons’ on two extremely significant high holy days in each of the next two years – Passover and the first day of Sukkot in 2014 and again in 2015. There is a pattern in Scripture. Whenever Abba ‘repeats’ Himself it means whatever He has planned is a ‘done deal’ . . . it is established and will come to pass. Please remember this thought we ran across – ” It is better to plan for Tribulation and be surprised by the Rapture rather than planning for the Rapture and be surprised by Tribulation.”


Things are once again heating up in Israel. I rarely send out personal comments concerning these matters. However, I strongly feel that I need to say something about what is happening. 

As you may remember the December 2013 snowstorm in Israel, keep in mind that this was no coincidental weather event. At the time, John Kerry (U.S. State Department) was in Jerusalem and was scheduled to have a meeting with Bibi (Netanyahu), in order to hand over to him the U.S. “Framework” demand to solve the PA – ISRAELI problems. The snow storm caused the Kerry – Netanyahu meeting to be cancelled. Abbas of the PA publicly went on record among the Arabs saying that the snow storm was CAUSED by Jews who were praying against the “framework” agreement. This, of course, tells you that Abbas and the PA know that the Elohim of Israel (Yehovah) is capable of fighting against the PA, on behalf of all Israel. This is very clear; they know Israel has a Divine power behind it. Okay, enough said. 

Just today – Thursday, January 2, 2014, Kerry was back in Israel and had his meeting with Bibi and handed him the “framework” ultimatum from the U.S. State Department. Make no mistake about it. This IS AN ULTIMATUM, my friends! It’s a USA forced framework threatening compliance in the next few months or else Guido (Luigi Antonio Giovanni) will come and “breaka you legs and breaka your face and maka your face flat like a pizza!”

I hope all of you folks understand the intensity of this problem – a U.S.A. forced framework, which they know IS NOT going to happen. It is all a show for something much more sinister. 

On Friday, January 3, 2014, John Kerry is meeting with Abbas. More of the same forced stuff! 


If you will remember back a number of years ago, Rabbi Kaduri of Israel died at 108 years old. Just before he died, he hand wrote a note that identified the Mashiach as Yeshua. However, he ALSO said something else; that WHEN Ariel Sharon dies, soon after, the Mashiach will come. 

Just today – Thursday, January 2, 2014, BREAKING NEWS. Ariel Sharon is, according to family and the hospital doctors treating him in his years-long coma, near death. They are saying that for Mr. Sharon,  it is only a matter of hours or days. 


The beginning of the tetrads (the four blood red moons for 2014/2015)  will soon be making their appearance, beginning with Passover, 2014. 


Given the following things – 

1) The forced framework “peace agreement” being shoved down the throat of Israel by the U.S. State Department (and this will be seriously enforced by Passover, 2014)

2) The prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri years ago that he saw the Messiah before his death and he was shown that Mashiach would come soon after the death of Ariel Sharon

3) The public announcement in Israel that Sharon is now near death

4) The coming blood-red moon of Passover

And a few additional things that I have not yet mentioned; I’m waiting before saying anything publicly.

FOLKS,  things are really heating up in Israel and I think we are getting very close to what we are all expecting to happen, according to biblical prophecy. It sure does look like it, friends. 

Stay tuned for details. Things are coming down very rapidly here in Israel. More later. 

Do your Teshuva! Get yourself ready. I think time is short. 

Avinoam ben Mordechai









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