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31 May

Question?? Why do we constantly condemn people for speaking ‘the names’ in English when we cannot even agree, in this camp, on how to say ‘the names’ in Hebrew? Everyone has a different pronunciation of YHVH’s Name and will state they definitely know THIS is the correct spelling and pronunciation of it. Then, someone else comes along and says they definitely have the correct spelling and pronunciation and it is a totally DIFFERENT word. And THEN someone else comes along and has ANOTHER transliteration of HIS name in Hebrew and they are correct. You get the picture…..This goes on and on….and by the way, the same thing happens in the HR camp concerning ” the correct” spelling and pronunciation of Yeshua’s Hebrew name. So who is correct ? Everyone is, of course, just ask them. So isn’t it a little hypocritical to say people aren’t speaking the English word for ‘Yeshua’? /Jesus correctly when NOBODY in this camp can agree on how to properly speak the name in Hebrew? By the way, English is not the only language that has translated HIS Hebrew name. Most all languages have a translation of His Name within their given/spoken language.
YHWH gave the languages and within each one is a name set apart, with in that language, with which we can call upon Him. Once again, it is not just the English language that has translated His name. Even in the Hebrew we have translated His name and can’t agree which one is the correct one.
The bottom line is it doesn’t matter if you have the correct pronunciation, in Hebrew, so just choose one and use it and stop bringing condemnation to everyone who pronounces HIS NAME a little differently ( in Hebrew) or happens to speak another language besides Hebrew.
We are severely sidetracked….R

Rev.2:4….” But I have this one thing against you, you have left your first love.” Let us not be found here….

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