A Dream to Consider . . .

13 Jan

I had a dream about 8 years ago that I feel I should share once again. Let me say that what I saw was so real that I struggle to put it into words. I felt like my body was actually ‘there’. Those of you who have had dreams or visions from the Father understand what I am saying. It was a very short dream ……
I found myself standing outside among trees and rolling hills. The trees were green and the grass was green between them. It was that color of green that we would normally associate with spring grass and spring leaves, although I am not saying it Spring. There were no brown leaves or dead twigs on the ground or trees, just fresh and green.
Since I felt like I was actually ‘ there’ I was turning from side to side trying to get my bearing and straining to see where I was. I kept thinking to myself, ‘where am I?’ Then, abruptly, the dream ended. It was dark ( kind of like at the end of a movie) and I heard the words “great snowstorm “, and I woke up.
Afterwards, I did share this dream with a few. But I was always thinking, ‘how could this possibly happen here?’, since our winters, at the time of the dream, where fairly mild. However, over the last 3-4 yrs, our winters and weather in general, seem to be changing. I can now see how this could happen.
I was not given a timeframe or definite location. It could be this year or 20 years down the road. But I know our Father has said a “great snowstorm ” is coming. Our Father has not given full interpretation on this as of yet, but this I do understand. Those to whom God has given dreams and visions understand these revelations can have multiple layers and meanings. With that said, this event, whatever it is and whenever it is, might very well come at a time when many will be caught off-guard and unprepared, thinking all is well and no need for concern.
So if you wonder why we have been posting articles about low sun spots, Maunder Minimum or what is called a little ice age, now you know. These things are cycles that happen on a regular basis on this earth, cycles that our Father has set in motion. I am not predicting these things will be the cause of what I saw and heard, but I am saying I can now see how it is very possible. I am presenting what the Father gave me for you to prayerfully consider. Blessings and Shalom, R


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