A, B or E . . . who are we ?

19 May

There is much discussion on all fronts concerning the global economic and political situation and how our own national ‘mess’ is connected and how all of this plays into ‘end time prophecy’ . . .  Alot of what is discussed and taught hinges on the precept that the US is ‘babylon in the last days’ . . . We are not convinced of the accuracy of that premise and here, over the next few posts ( however long that takes 🙂 ) we hope to give some thoughts for you to ponder.

Let’s begin with the statement ‘ the US is not babylon of end-time prophecy. The US is a prophetic picture of Egypt in the last days’.  Yes, we know that there is already an ‘egypt’ that exists today. This is not about ‘geographic Egypt’ . There is also a ‘geographic babylon’ .  This is part of the ‘mystery’ of babylon in the last days. IT is everywhere and nowhere  It is a ‘system’ and not just a ‘place’. ‘IT’ pervades every aspect of everthing everywhere. You cannot put your finger on any one spot and say ‘ this is babylon’ and yet anything you touch today ( even in the church . . . yes, that includes ‘messianic-ism ) is connected to ‘babylon’ and there is NO where on the planet that is NOT connected to this system. Of course, I know that there are many that will think  ‘ so . . . what does that have to do with me  . . . what’s the big deal . . . I’m gonna be raptured out’a here . . . I’m a christian, a believer . . .’  Others might be thinking  ‘ Yes, the US IS babylon . . . we need to leave here and go somewhere else . . . it will be safer somewhere else . . .

First, let us ALWAYS remember – the ONLY true shelter is in the shadow of the Almighty, Psalm 91:1 . . . But  aren’t we supposed to ‘prepare’ for those things that the Word tells us are coming ? YES . . . A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, The naive proceed and pay the penalty.( Prov. 27:12)  And If you believe that ‘preparation’ displays a ‘lack of faith’, bring that up with Noah or Joseph the next time you meet them. And you could meet them both sooner than later if you are not prepared for those things that are coming on the earth and your ‘preparation’ is not squarely based under the ‘shadow of the Almighty’. So are we saying that we need to ‘prepare’ AND trust God ? . . . YES . . .for they are ‘hand and glove’ . . . ‘faith without works’ . .   Ok, back on track . . .

The US and babylon . . . Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Book of the Revelation speak of ‘coming up out of her’  . . .  well, the ‘her’ is Babylon. Who ‘went into’ Babylon ? Judah.  But if I’m not of Judah then how can that apply to me ?  And another thought . . . IF the US is babylon and we are commanded to ‘come up out of her’ , then what about the ‘believers’ in China or New Guinea,etc., etc. ? Does it not apply to them ? If the US is Babel, then the believers in Costa Rica don’t have to ‘come out’ . . . those passages ONLY apply to those of us that are in the US ?  You mean that everything is not about ‘us’ ?  Sorry, that doesn’t pass muster . . .

On the next post we will look at the ‘world system’ and the global economic disaster that is looming and explore how that could possibly show us a picture of ‘babylon’ and some enlightenment on what is coming. BTW – Egypt was never in Babel, but Babel WAS in Egypt . . . Until then -Shalom U’Vrachot ( peace & blessings )  –


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